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Goodbye Future (Part 2)

"I fought a war with my counterfeit."


"I fought it alone."


"And every moment brought a feeling of fear to me. Near to me."


"A million blows couldn’t conquer it."


"So I took it along."


"And now these moments are becoming so dear to me. Real to me."


Lyrics: "Goodbye Future" by The Presets

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Goodbye Future (Part 1)

"I found myself in the strangest place I’ve ever known."


"While in my mind I try and find a way back to you."


"They built a whole new time and space, but I’ll never go."


"No, when it’s over I’ll be running home back to you."


Lyrics: "Goodbye Future" by The Presets

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The Feeling of Being Ready to Write Again

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((A message for Tumblr rpers everywhere. You know who you are.))

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"So tired…"

((Break here. I’m trying to kick myself back in-gear, but I think I’m going to need to watch a little Soul Eater to refresh my skills. There might be a Soul Eater stream tonight, so keep your eyes open for the link.))

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*cautiously approaches Patchwork Lab*

Alright… It’s now or never.

*knocks on the door* Professor Stein?

Dr. Stein swiveled in his office chair to face the door with a non-committal “hm?” and then called out “It’s open,” before turning back towards his computer screen.

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You play a good stein

((Thank you! I’m glad you’re entertained by me.))

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I follow you because you're one of my favorite RPers, and you're a really kind person!


((Wow. Thank you, Anon. I didn’t expect to get such a wonderful and heartfelt message. You have made my day.))

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Tell me why you followed my blog

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Headcanon Meme Time!


⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

⏀ describe their usual smile

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

❧ describe their usual sleeping position

✑ describe something they like without naming it

✜ what’s their posture like in a normal situation?

❖ describe their hands

❞ write a quote they would find themselves saying

§ how would their hair gray? or would they lose their hair first?

❤ describe how they show affection.

✭ what is one of their favorite items?

((Send me some while I’m at work!))

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